The Unexpected Sunday Morning...

Yesterday evening (Saturday 3rd Nov), I sat down at my computer with a bottle of Coors, to do a bit of work on the Maxx Life website.  I was working on updating the stretching and core videos for the television in the gym, which required me to look up different videos on YouTube.  While watching a video, another video title grabbed my attention… “The SHOCKING Power Of Waking Up Early”.  Instantly, I remembered back to the days when I used to look forward to 5am, bouncing out of the bed easily, sometimes even earlier.  I remembered how much I accomplished in the few early morning hours, while most of the rest of the country were sleeping.  Now though, I have joined most of the rest of the world, sleeping in each day until I absolutely have to get up.  Until the snooze button no longer works.

I want my old routine back.  I want to be able to get up early at 5am, and get ahead of the game again.  But I couldn’t possibly, it’s too difficult, and especially at this time of year with the cold dark mornings.  I clicked on the video and it began to play.  It began describing all the benefits of waking up early.  With every new benefit, I was being more and more convinced to start getting up earlier again.  My wife walked into my office about half way through the video and asked what I was working on.  “Just watching a video about waking up early” I said, followed immediately by “and I’m getting up at 5am tomorrow morning!”.  “Yeah right, I’ll believe that when I see it.” and she left.  Very inspiring indeed, or maybe she was using some reverse psychology LOL, who knows…

Here is the YouTube Video...

There and then, I made a mental deal with myself.  I’m not going to set an alarm for 5am, mostly because I hate waking up unnaturally when I don’t have to, but I am going to get up as soon as I wake, as long as its after 5am.  That was the rule.  I ended up waking up at 4:05am, with Chloe, my youngest with her toe nails stuck into my back.  I definitely wasn’t getting up at 4am, so drifted back to sleep quite quickly.  I woke again at 4:58am, and this time, I knew the challenge was on.  Anytime I have to get out of bed, it literally feels like 2 voices in my head arguing against each other.  I never really felt tired, quite well slept actually, but tiredness wasn’t going to be the issue.  Leaving the comfort of my cosy bed, to get up into the cold and dark house, and to do what?  I wasn’t sure.  The battle to get up was well and truly on, with the voice for staying in bed, clearly winning by miles.  The clock turned 5am, my mind had been arguing with it’s self for 2 minutes.

“Right, just go to the toilet and then get back into bed and we’ll leave it for today, it is a Sunday after all.”  Deal.  So I got up and went for a Jimmy Riddle.  By the time i got back to the bed, I was feeling much more awake, but still cold.  Seeing Chloe’s head on my pillow, there really seemed no point getting back into bed as I certainly wasn’t going to get any more sleep, with her wee dagger nails digging into me.  So I threw on my clothes and headed down to the kitchen to decide what to do.  It was pitch black outside, and everyone was sleeping soundly inside, so my choices were limited.  I made a mug of green tae, and headed to my office to do some work on the computer.

By 5:15am, I was fully awake and working like a steam train on my computer.  Customer database updated, new gift vouchers designed and ready for print, video system for the gym updated.  I was getting loads done, with absolutely no distractions.  Normally when I’m working on my computer, Facebook notifications are going mad and I end up getting very little done.  But Facebook is very quiet at 5am.  It felt like the old me, about a 18 months ago, when I was super productive.

By 7:30am, the sun had began to rise and it was looking like a pleasant morning.  I decided to go for a run.  Now I haven’t went for a run in over 2 years.  I had been talking a lot lately about taking up a bit of running again, but usually struggle to find the time.  Now I had the time, and the perfect morning for it.  Changed into my training gear and headed off to Gosford.  I’d absolutely no idea how I would run, would I struggle or would I get shin splints again like I used to years ago.  But sure, the worse that could happen is that it rained and I needed to walk back to my car, soaking.  Thankfully, the best outcome happened.  I run for a solid 25 mins, though the new windy trails at Gosford, taking in the fresh forest air and loving life.  Feeling great.  After 25 mins of good decent running to my amazement, I walked for 10 mins, just to get my breath again.  I was still deep in the forest, so took off running again, although at a slower pace than the first run, and made it back to the car 20 mins later, around 9am.  What a start to the morning.  What a way to clear the head.  I actually felt great about what I’d achieved.  Firstly, managing to get up at 5am on a cold and dark Sunday morning.  Getting some good work done on the computer.  And then going for a long run.  Something I’d been debating with myself about doing for a long time now, but just procrastinated on it as usual.  It all just felt great.  The outcome of getting past 2 minutes of discomfort at 4:58am and getting out of bed.


My usual morning routine is; usually wake up 2 minutes before my alarm goes off at 6:30am.  Hit snooze twice to 6:40am.  Then up, dressed, teeth brushed and out the door, to be a the gym for 7am.  Place packed, music pumping, my PT clients ready and a new day of work begins.  First meal at around lunchtime.  Although, recently I have added in my own PT 3 mornings per week at 8am, and the benefits of that are really beginning to show for me.  “What, a PT getting PT!!!”  Yes, even a personal trainer can benefit from regular PT sessions.

But today was very different.  Everything was so much more relaxed this morning, simply because I had the time.  Simply because I decided to get up early, and done it.  The run around Gosford at that time of the morning was satisfyingly peaceful and invigorating.  Sunday mornings, I often get a Subway for breakfast.  Today, it was 3 eggs on toast with green tea.  It’s the knock on effect.  One good choice leads to another.

So that’s my story of how an unexpected video helped me have a fantastic and productive morning and day, and may have been the catalyst I needed to kick start the new health and productive morning routine that I’ve been longing for.  Here’s to tomorrow’s 5am challenge.

Thanks for reading.  Anto Maxx.  If you have any comments on the above short story, feel free to contact me via Facebook or email