Add Your Own Here

Completed a workout… you can now add your earned Maxx Rewards stamps here, instead of waiting in the gym.  Simply scan the QR code as normal.  You will need to open this page on a device other than your own phone, so a computer or a friends phone.

Number of Reward Stamps

  • 1 Stamp for a Workout
  • 2 Stamps for a Fitness Class
  • 3 Stamps for a PT
Note: Gold Members Maxximum 3 stamps per day from classes

Bonus Reward Stamps

  • 5 Bonus stamps for Each Refferred Friend
  • 3 Bonus Stamps For Each Online Review (Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook)
  • 3 Bonus Stamps For Each 'Personal Profile' Review (Facebook, Instagram)
  • 1 Bonus Stamp For Each Social Story Post Tagging Maxx Life

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