Friday 25th September, 12:30pm.

Attendance:  Shane, Darren, Frances, Christina, Anto

New Cancellation procedures – trainers were made aware of the new cancellation procedures recently put into place, to help with the collection of late cancellation fees. All fitness classes are to be cancelled by members through the new Class Cancellation Form.  Trainers are to notify Lauren of any no-shows, and update the status on the booking system.  Lauren will send out Late Cancellation fee requests via email, and keep a list of unpaid and paid fees via new spreadsheet.

Keep the gym tidy – All trainers were asked to keep the whole gym tidy at all times. To put away all of their equipment immediately after using it. And to also put away equipment that is lying around, even if it wasn’t them using it.  Concerns were expressed at equipment lying around, which can be dangerous, especially during busy times.

This lead to a concern being raised by Frances, about the high numbers of people in the gym on the evening of Thursday 24th Sept.  It was explained that some clients showed expressed concern, and showed increased levels of anxiety over the number of people in the gym, and a fear of inadequate social distancing.

Trainers discussed this topic, with several ideas put forward.  Possible solutions put forward were to limit the number trainers working in the gym during the hours of around 5:30pm and 7pm, on evenings when it was really busy.  Another solution was to limit the number of clients per trainer to 2 per session.  Power Diary was checked, and it showed that at 6pm to 7pm, all trainers were working, most had 2 clients, Stevy and Frances had 3 clients, and there was a full class also.

Anto expressed that 2 weeks ago, there was no issue, as we had the use of the marquee, which reduced the numbers in the gym by 12 and freed up the green area for the trainers.  The limitations that ABC council have put on the gym, not permitting any exercising outside of the gym building, has lead to an increased number of people within the gym.

It was not mentioned in the meeting, but I would like to add now, that government guidelines for gyms, emailed by ABC council, recommend 1 person for every 3m2 of floor space.  That gives us a recommended capacity of 57 people in the main gym floor, excluding the cardio room, the spin room and the reception

The discussion concluded with trainers in agreeance that the best solution would be leave the bookings are they are.  To make a few changes to the layout of the equipment to help increase the area for the classes.  For all trainers to be aware of the need to social distance, and not to use main walkways as training areas during very busy times.  It was agreed that the battle-ropes should not be used during busy times, and that same area should not be used for walking lunges.  And that all trainers should be mindful of everything going on around them in the gym, most especially during the busy times. 

Trainers were also in agreeance, that for clients and members who are anxious about coronavirus and being in crowded areas, that the onus is more on them not to attend the gym during these times, than for the gym to reduce the numbers to lower than what it is allowed within the guidelines.

Planning Permission – The certificate for our recently approved planning permission, along with all 19 conditions, was made available at the meeting for trainers to read.  The main condition discussed was in relation to noise.  Trainer were asked to ensure that all doors remain closed at all times, and to be particularly aware of the doors, during spin class when volume is increased, and when consulting with clients in the shed, that the back door is closed behind. Normal music should be set to around 80db.  Spin music should be around 85-87db or lower.  Trainers were asked to be mindful of their shouting, especially during classes, and to try and project their voices out at a lower decibel volume.  Trainers were also asked never to drop weights onto the floor, both for the reason of noise impact, and that it is damaging them, with a lot of weights being broken over the past 2 months.  Trainers are also asked to be mindful of their clients handling of the weights, particularly in exercises such as the deadlift, bench press, lat pull down, cables and leg press.

Increasing your diary – Trainers were advised, that if they would like ways to further populate their diary, to promote weight lifting to our members, especially the members who just attend classes.  And to also increase their current social media presence and personal marketing efforts.  Trainers were also advised to sell their services by using the following 2 phrases, “you really should…” and “you would love…”.  Examples given were “you really should think about a 2nd PT session if you’re really looking to get great results.”  “if you like Strong, you would love heavy deadlifting” which leads to booking PT sessions to learn to deadlift heavy.

Classes back to 55 – A desire to increase classes back up to 55, in line with the theme of 55 with Ignite55, was expressed.  The following new classes are being planned to be added from next week. Extra spin class on a Wednesday evening.  A new pre/post natal exercise class on a Thursday evening.  A new mobility class on a Tuesday morning.  Trainers were asked for other ideas for classes.  A mens yoga class was discussed, followed by a mens mobility class, with an Mens Mobility class pencilled in for Shane for a Tuesday evening at 8pm.  Class names to be confirmed. 

Shane expressed an interest in running a seminar and workshop course on Proper Lifting Technique, which could run over a few weeks, on a Saturday at 12pm to 2pm, as a paid course.  It was agreed that this was a good idea and should be implemented.

Lockdown plan – Trainers briefly discussed the possibility of some form of lockdown being introduced.  Anto expressed that he did not think a full lockdown like before, would happen, but to be prepared to change quickly, no matter what happens.  It was explained that previous plans of the online program had been put on ice, simply because we are all too busy, and the broadband at the gym is currently inadequate.  Although no actual lockdown plan has been put in place, trainers were in agreeance, that unless legally obliged, that personal training services will continue in the gym, and that we would not be going into voluntary lockdown like previous.  However, should things change drastically, an online program for members and public to purchase would be implemented quickly.

Personal Self-Development – Trainers were asked to ask themselves the following questions; What is your plan? Referring to 12 months, 2 years, 5 years and beyond.  What are you doing to move yourselves towards that plan? Are you a better PT now than you were 3 months ago? Are you developing yourself or feeding yourself excuses? Are you content with where you are?  It was discussed that each trainer should have a plan for themselves, ambition, and be developing themselves, learning new skills etc, to move them towards their long term goals.

Anto then expressed the importance of the Maxx Life Team, and how the success of the gym is entirely down to the team as a whole.  Anto also expressed that he feels his two main roles in the business are, to market the gym, and build and grow the absolute best team of trainers.

Christina left the meeting at 1:20pm, for a school run.

New PT members – Trainers were asked to provide a list of any new clients this month, that would have to start paying the PT membership fee, which was due to begin on the 1st of the next month for these clients.  It was also mentioned that there is still some PT clients that have not paid the PT membership yet, and they should be chased up immediately.

Christmas Time – Anto asked trainers to think over the next few days, about ideas for this years Christmas gifts.  Anto put forward the idea of branded T-shirts.  Frances suggested Maxx branded face masks.  Anto suggested branded slippers.  Shane suggested something similar to last year, only replace the cup with a water bottle.  Nothing was decided.

This years Christmas party was discussed, and all trainers were in agreeance that the Christmas party this year should only be the 9 Maxx team members.  It was suggested that we could go for a meal in Armagh, and then out for drinks, and invite members to join us for drinks if they wish.

PT Growth Fund – Trainers were reminded that the PT Growth fund, is not a case of paying extra money to the gym.  It is having the extra money set aside after the trainer has earned at least £20 in an hour, with all money being invested back into the trainers, for the development of their career.  It was expressed that without it, there would be no consultation shed, no work wear, no new equipment, as well as members being allowed into the gym during PT hours, trainers having to pay for their own courses etc, and rent would have had to be increased to cover such costs as Power Diary and more.

It was expressed that the PT Growth Fund initially works on a trust basis between team member and the fund, and that the whole fund is being published in the Trainers Website section, with complete transparency.  It was expressed that cases have been noticed, where the numbers of clients in some sessions, are not correlating with the numbers of bookings in that same diary, leading to incorrect numbers submitted in the weekly form submissions.  Trainers are asked, to ensure that their diary is kept completely up to date in real time, with 100% of client bookings included, and that the submissions for the PT Growth fund represent the exact amount of clients in each hour.  Anto expressed that he is currently investigating PT Growth Fund submissions, after noticing some inconsistencies between actual number of clients per session and submitted number of clients per session. 

It was also noted through discussion, that some trainers are carrying ½ hours forward to the next day, while other trainers aren’t.  Anto stated that he would write up some clear instructions of how to process extra half hours and some other occurrences.

Shane suggested that the trainer contract mentioned during Junes meeting should be implemented, so that all team members know exactly what is expected of them.  Frances expressed that she felt the way the initial contract had been written was not in the usual spirit of Maxx Life, with Anto in agreeance.  It was stated that that contract had been provided free to Maxx Life as part of a free course provided during lockdown by the council, and Anto described it as too “legal”.  It was agreed that a new contract should be drawn up, providing clear guidelines of what is expected of each team member, and written in the spirit of Maxx life.  

Trainers were made aware that £600 had been set aside for the purchase of new work wear, for the 6 trainers (£100 each) who contribute to the  PT Growth Fund.  It was stated that at the time, £163 of the £600 had been spent.  This has since been updated with a further £44 spent.

The question was asked, what equipment trainers would like to see purchased next from the PT Growth Fund.  Trainers opted for smaller equipment, like a sand bag rack, medicine ball rack, some lighter dumbbells around 7.5kg, and other smaller equipment, that would make training groups of 3 much easier. 

Trainers were reminded that their personal fund portion could be used for extra work wear, self-development books, courses etc.

Plans for 2021 – The meeting began to conclude at this point due to time restrictions.  A short discussion was had on plans to relocate the business to a much larger premises, with Maxx Team members having the opportunity to buy into any new business as a shareholder.

The meeting concluded at 1:40pm.

Next meeting scheduled for Friday 30th October, 12:30pm