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For our Friday night Live Family Maxxertainment, we’re running a Live Night At The Races.  Night At The Races is a great fun event that is simple to play and the whole family can take part.  You’re going to love it.

Rules Updated Friday 3th April

There is going to be two ways to take part in our Family Night At The Races.  You can play the game between your own family at home, and we are also going to run a large online community game.

At Home Game

Firstly, everyone can play at home in their own family.  The easiest and best way to do this, is by using Monopoly money if you have it, and get an adult to run the bookies.  You can also use matches, cocktail sticks, or just keep a record of everyone’s winnings and losses on paper.

Give each person a starting amount of money, which they can use to place bets on each race.  We will be providing the races and the odds.  Win bets only allowed, no each-ways etc.

Then pay out the lucky winners of each race. Easy Peasy, Japanese.

Online Community Game

The Online Community game is where we (the Maxx’s) are the bookies.  Each family will start with £100 of digital play money.

You can place up to 2 bets on each race.  Bets can be for Win only, no each-ways.  Maxximum stake per bet is £10 per horse.

Your bets for the first 6 horse races will be done in advance, using the form at the bottom of this page, which will be available on Friday.  You simply need to select the horse name and the amount for each race.

The 7th and final race, you will place your bets by sending a message through to my personal Facebook account, Anto Maxx.  

We will add everyones bets to the system.  Once all bets are received, the odds are then calculated, and the race is run.  

After the race, our system will update everyone’s amounts, and we will have a record of how much money everyone has.

The winning family will be the ones with the most money after 7 races.  

The maximum bet is £10 per horse for the first 6 races, with no limit to the bets for the 7th race, but still only 2 horses.

Send your final bet through to us using Facebook messenger.  Only bets sent to Anto Maxx personal Facebook account will be added to the system.  You may need to Friend me on Facebook to send the message.  

The odds for each horse will be announced at the beginning of each race.  For the 7th race, once we close the betting, the odds will be calculated for each horse.  The odds work as a pool.  The more bets there is for a particular horse, the lower the odds, and the less bets for a particular horse, the higher its odds.

For example, if there is a total of £500 in bets, and £100 of that is bet on Horse 1, then horse 1 is 5-1.  You will get 5 times your stake back, but not you stake on top.

Therefore at the end, all the money won and all the money lost will equal the same.

Our system (spreadsheet LOL) will know exactly what amount of money teams have.  

When placing your bets for the first 6 races, make sure you don’t go over the £100 limit.  If you do, we will only places the first £100 worth of bets.

When placing your bet for the 7th race, simply text your team name, horse number and amount.  

[Team name] #1=£5, #7=£5

We’ll reply a thumbs up when your bet has been entered.

And that’s it… Simples,  I hope LOL.

We are aiming to run a race every 10 mins for the first 6 races, and a little longer for the last race, to get the bets in, so set aside about 90 mins for the whole event.


Would you like to take part in our Live Night At The Races, Friday 3rd April, at 7:30pm?

Cool.  You simply need to fill our the betting slip for the first 6 races before the closing time of 6pm.

Look forward to seeing you there for a great night’s entertainment.