Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to get started in the gym.  A personal trainer will teach you how to use all the equipment in the gym properly.  A personal trainer will ensure that they get the very best from you during each workout.  It is there role to encourage you to perform to your best.  They will make the workouts intense, fast, and run smoothly.  They will put you through a structured, balanced workout, based around your goals.  A good personal trainer will offer nutritional advice and answer any questions you have about health, fitness and achieving your goals, through-out the workout.

Hiring a good personal trainer at the beginning of your health and fitness journey, will be one of the best investments you can make.  An experienced personal trainer will be able to help you devise a plan that is suitable for you, that will get results and on that you can stick to.

Build A weekly training program to suit your schedule and budget

From for 30 mins session

& Pay Per Session, so no need for large block booking payments.

However, with the price of personal training escalating, and the requirement of large block session payments, good personal training has become a luxury for most people. That is, until now! In our quest to help as may people as possible, regain their health, fitness and strength, and become ‘The Peoples Gym’, we have completely stripped back the costs of our trainers, allowing you to create a weekly training package that suits your schedule and budget. Costing from only £7.50 per 30 mins, now you can train properly, with weights, under the guidance of a qualified level 3 PT and without breaking the bank. 

Everyone is different, and our schedules are very different.  While many trainers only offer 60 minute sessions, which include unnecessary lengthy warm-ups on the treadmill, foam rolling, lengthy stretches and a whole lot of chatter, we cater for the busy person, who only has 30 minutes spare to workout.  Our qualified and experienced PT’s have created a system of intense workouts, in, warm-up, full body resistance cardio workout, stretched and out the door in 30 mins.  Our super-fast workouts have been designed to build strength, tone the muscles, increase fitness and cause maximum fat burn.  

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Terms of Booking

By booking any PT or Consultation session in our online booking system, you agree to the following terms.

  • Any sessions cancelled with less than 12 hours notice must still be paid for in full.
  • Sessions cancelled may be re-scheduled for free within the same week where there is availability