Each person is required to weigh themselves in, on the following dates (or as close as possible)  Weighing in is very simple.  Use the scales in the gym, pictured below, next to the jukebox.

Simpy hit the ‘On/Off’ button at the front of the scales to turn the scales on.  You Do Not need to lift the handle unit.  

When weighing yourself, please do the following.

Write the current time, your name and weight in lbs, in the book.  Please print all information, making it clear to read.

Here is 3 examples of how you can enter your weight, depending if you would prefer others to know your weight or not.  

  1.  Write your full name and weight in lbs
  2. Write your initials, age and weight in lbs.  This should be secure and I will be able to work it out from my database
  3. Write your name, leave the weight blank and send me your weight in lbs via text.  This way I will know that you have weighed yourself and will be expecting a text message.

Please note: No one's weight will be displayed public online. Only weight lost.