Maxx100 Challenge

Over the last 4 years, I’ve designed and created many programs and challenges.  Each program, I learn from, and try to improve it, creating new programs.  The goal is to create a program, plan or challenge that gets the highest percentage of people fantastic results.  The Maxx100 really lifted the bar for that.  Over the years, I have kept a large amount of stats on people who have attempted any Maxx program, and over two years ago, I calculated that on average, only 20% of the people who start any body transformation program, actually finish it.  And even less than that, get the results they want.  The other 80% of people, unfortunately quit before the end, for any number of reasons.  The Maxx100, really lifted the bar on this stat, with 70 people out of 127, making it over the finish line.  That’s a whopping 55%.  It’s been my fascination for years now, to learn why some people finish programs/challenges, and more importantly, why most don’t.  It’s in learning this knowledge, that will lead us to creating the most successful transformation program there is.  

To help us with creating the next Maxx Life challenge, we would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions about the Maxx100 challenge.  The questionnaire will not ask for any of your details, and all answers will remain anonymous.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Anto.