Maxx100 Challenge

Thank-you for signing up to the Maxx100 Fundraiser Challenge.  For those who have been around the Maxx Life gym for the last 2 weeks, there has been a lot of talk and enthusiasm about the Maxx100 Challenge, and I am very optimistic, that this challenge is going to become something Amazing.

Before we get stuck into 2019 and into Maxx100, I feel that it’s very important to make everyone aware of what they have signed up to, the difficulties that lie ahead, and what will be expected of each individual team member.

The Maxx100 is a team challenge, where as a team, we have a combined target weight loss to reach.  Initially, it was 100 people to lose 100 stone, however, we have had 127 entries, and our combined target is now set to 120 stone.  

Firstly, all the Maxx Life Trainers are here to help everyone, every step of the way.  We have a host of information on health and fitness, detailed information on fat loss, a large resource of meal plans.  We have information leaflets on Healthy Nutrition, as well as brand new leaflets on our 6 Steps To Fat Loss, How To Track Macros and the 10 Do’s and Don’t of Fat Loss.  Our Challenge, as Maxx Life trainers, is to help the whole Maxx100 Team across the finish line, while hitting the combined weight loss target.  Your Challenge is to get yourself across the finish line, while hitting your individual weight loss target.  As you read on, just remember, we’re here to help you, but the effort required to lose your weight, hit your target and complete the challenge, still relies entirely with you. 

Therefore, the very first part of the challenge is crucial.  We need every single person, who starts the challenge, to still be part of it at the end.  I cannot stress enough how important, and difficult this part is.  There are many people who signed up, who already go to Maxx Life 3, 4 or even 5 and more times per week, every week, and for these people, lasting the 100 days will be pretty easy.  But there are also many people signed up, who struggle each year to create a yearlong workout routine.  If you tried and failed last year, and the year before, you need to know, that not making it the whole way to the 100 days, is NOT an option this year.  We need every single team members weight loss, to count on Saturday 13th of April, if we are to Complete this Challenge.  Everyone is more than capable of lasting the 100 days, but it’s vital that we make this point, before you agree to begin.

The next point, which is even more important, is that weight loss is EXTREMELY difficult.  And I don’t mean losing 2 lbs in the first week or the 2nd week, anybody can do that.  I mean losing weight consistently, week in, week out, right through-out the 100 days.  Losing weight even when you’ve had a tough week at work, or when it’s snowing outside and you can’t get to the gym or go for a walk, or when you have a wedding to go to, or your child’s birthday, or if you get injured, or when you’re sick, or any of the many of life’s obstacles that break our routines and make life so hard.  

Losing weight and being healthy is so much more than just eating less food and going to the gym a few times per week.  It’s cutting out all the crap that we fill ourselves full off.  I used to teach clients to cut all ‘crap’ from their diet, but soon learned that most people found it too difficult.  Now I help people get fit and healthy, while living life and treating themselves to a bit of ‘crap’ every so often.  But for the Maxx100, I’m Challenging everyone to cut out all the ‘crap’.  No ‘treating’ themselves with ‘crappy’ food, for 100 days, and to donate your sacrifices to the little kids in the 3 chosen charities.  Weight loss is so much more about what you give up and don’t consume, than what you do eat.  There are many members at our gym, who workout regularly 3 to 5 times per week, yet don’t lose any weight.  Just like myself, I train in the gym quite regularly, yet managed to gain a stone and a half over the past 18 months.  How?  Cause I have a mixed diet of healthy food and just enough ‘crap’ each week to cause me to slowly gain the pounds.  And I have to refer to it as ‘crap’, as that’s exactly what it is that many of us are feeding ourselves, causing us to gain weight. Chinese take-aways, probably the worst of all foods, alcohol: the devil and pure empty calories.  Pastries, cakes and buns, sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks.  Even the zero calorie drinks are pure ‘crap’.  How do you know?  Simple, just do the ‘Crap Test’ on them.  Consume it, and see how you feel afterwards.  Although the ‘Crap’ test only works when you’re healthy and feeling great.  Indians, McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza take-aways, all double or treble the calories of a healthy home cooked meal.  Even eating out, meals are a lot higher calories and lower nutrients than home cooked meals.  Did I mention alcohol?  It really is the devil, and will sabotage any person’s efforts at weight loss.  For almost anyone one on the Maxx100 Team, give up the ‘crap’ for 100 days, and not only will weight loss become a hell of a lot easier, you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt in a long long time.  You’ll be healthier, happier, more energetic, more productive, sleep better, better skin, hair etc. , more positive, more active, digestive system will work better, improved mental fitness, more focus, less anxiety and so much more.  Simply by cutting all the ‘crap’ for a long enough period of time.  And the other great thing is, when you’ve cut it out for long enough, you’ll no longer crave it.  Your cravings will have changed to those for the new healthier foods and drinks that you now eat.  All sounds great, but for one little thing, it is EXTREMELY difficult to cut all the ‘crap’ out of your life, if it’s been a part of it for a long time.  

The next major part of this challenge is Activity.  How much you move about each day.  Activity burns calories, and burning calories is what gets rid of body fat.  Unfortunately though, being active on a daily basis, is a huge challenge for many people.  If you work at a desk all day, or behind a steering wheel, or in some sort of stationary position for the most part of your job, then you’re daily activity levels aren’t going to be too high.  Cutting calories from food, has the exact same impact on fat loss, as increasing calories from activity.  Eating 500 calories less than usual, burns the exact same fat, as burning 500 calories from exercising, walking, running or whatever.  Both will cause your body to burn 500 calories of energy.  Being active in today’s society, is EXTREMELY Difficult.  3 workouts per week in the gym is a great start to getting your fitter, healthier and stronger.  However, it’s no where near enough to Activity to lose a significant amount of weight.  You need to be active, very active, for the full 100 days.  This will mean over-coming many obstacles to get you moving, day after day.  Raining outside, no baby sitter, couldn’t be arsed, walking partner let me down, too much to do, no time and a million and one other obstacles that prevents us from getting out for that 30 mins walk or run or cycle etc.  Being highly active, the kind of active that is required to burn fat, is EXTREMELY difficult, and is going to require a major conscious effort on your behalf.

Before we finish up, there are also a few conditions required from all Maxx100 Team members.

  • Everyone must get weighed in the gym every 2 weeks.  The first weigh-in is on Thursday 3rd January, then every other Monday from the 21st January.
  • An updated list of all weight-ins will be available on the Maxx Life website, ordered by the % weight-loss of each individual target goal.  i.e. a person who has lost 3.5lbs of their half stone target has acheived the same as a person who has lost 1 stone of their 2 stone target, both 50% of their target.  Names will be listed starting with the highest % of weight loss target to the lowest % of weight loss target.
  • Each team member must train a minimum of 2 times per week at Maxx Life gym, whether this be a PT, a Bootcamp or just in for their own workout.

So, to finish up, we all have the Desire to change.  The Desire to get healthier.  The Desire to get fitter, break old habits and create new ones.  The Desire to lose weight.  But unfortunately Desire is only a feeling, and achieves nothing without COMMITMENT, DRIVE, DETERMINATION and CONSISTENCY.  The Challenge that lies ahead is an EXTREMELY Difficult one.  Losing weight in today’s society is EXTREMELY Difficult.  Doing things that you don’t necessarily want or like to do, day in, day out.  Things that are tough, that will challenge you, put you outside your comfort zone, make your life difficult, but which are necessary for you to complete your part of the challenge.  That’s why it’s essential that we take on the Maxx100 challenge together, as a team, with so much relying on each of our individual efforts.  Together, we will SUPPORT each other, MOTIVATE each other, INSPIRE each other, and do all we can to GET THE BEST FROM ONE ANOTHER. 


So, if I’ve got the message across about how difficult the Challenge is going to be, but also how rewarding each and every single day along the way, and you’re still up for the Challenge, that Maxx100 is the Challenge you’ve been waiting on, that 2019 really is going to be a year of great change for you, and that you really are going to give this your all.  No Excuses.  Right to the End!  Then fill in your name below, and welcome to the team.