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Week 1 Scores can now be submitted with the form at the bottom of this page.  After today, this page is no longer in use, and will be deleted.  A new LockDown Challenge page has been setup, that will calculate a running total of your score.  You can find the link in the menu above. 

Week 1

Here we go!  We’ve created a series of tasks around all the different elements that make up a Healthy lifestyle.  All you have to do is complete as many tasks as you can, and tick them off as you complete them.  Each task is worth a certain amount of points.  Tally up your points at the end of the week, and that’s your score.  Your goal is to then try and improve a little in week 2, a little more in week 3 and hopefully a little more in week 4.

We’re all at different stages in our health and fitness journey.  Some people may only be beginning out, while others have had a solid training routine for years.  We have provided guidelines or mini-goals for people at beginner level, intermediate level and advanced level.

Beginner Level – A person who never really trained much or tried to live a healthy lifestyle before lock-down began.  Beginner is the best level, as you have so much great changes to look forward too.  The changes happen fast, and the difference you will notice in yourself will have you feeling amazing.  

Intermediate Level – A person who had a decent workout routine and made a casual conscious effort on their health before lock-down.

Advanced Level – A person who worked out daily and made living a healthy lifestyle a priority in in their life before lock-down. 

We have a full schedule of live workouts 7 days a week on our Facebook page, as well as over 70 available from this website, just by clicking “Home Workouts” in the main menu.  Exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body.  It will get your heart racing, blood pumping, lungs working and make you feel great.

Points per completed workout is 2

Beginner – Target 2 workouts per week

Intermediate – Target 5 workouts per week

Advanced – Target is at least 1 workout per day

[frontend-checklist name="Workouts" days="30"]

Some people, professionals even, will argue that breakfast isn’t as important as it was once thought.  I’d say it’s even more important.  I believe that a healthy breakfast is the #1 most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Show me a person who skips breakfast and is in fantastic health.  And now more than ever, it’s vitally important.  This part of the challenge is to consume a healthy breakfast before 10am.  For ideas and information on healthy breakfasts, check out our meal plans and nutritional information in the website menu, or join our Facebook Group for ideas here.

Points per healthy breakfast – All Levels

Before 8:30am – 2 points

Before 10am – 1 point

[frontend-checklist name="Breakfast" days="30"]

Everyone knows, healthy nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.  We’re going to keep this simple.  Lunch and dinner should be home cooked and include vegetables and salads

Points per healthy meal consumed 2

Beginner – Target at least 1 healthy meal per day

Intermediate – Target is 2 healthy meals at least 5 days

Advanced – Target is 2 healthy meals per day

[frontend-checklist name="Lunch" days="30"]

Water is life, and without it, life can not exist.  Your body is made up of 60% water.  Staying hydrated is equally as important as breakfast, to living a healthy lifestyle.  Consuming adequate water is something many of us struggle with, and even more during lock-down.

Points per water consumed per day 2

Beginner – Target at least 1.5lts per day

Intermediate – Target is 2lts per day

Advanced – Target is 3lts per day

[frontend-checklist name="Water" days="30"]

Outdoor exercising is as important for your mental health, if not more important, so we’ve separated it from home workouts.  Those of us living in Armagh and surrounding areas are very lucky to have so many outdoor areas and countryside that we can still go an exercise in, without breaking lockdown.  Many of the larger cities where people live in large communal blocks and only have public parks to go to, now have nowhere.  

I personally currently run 2-3 mornings per week, purely only for the mental benefits of it.  It clears my head, provides me with great thinking time and ideas, and fills the lungs with lots of oxygen.

Points per outdoor exercise (walk, run, cycle) 2

Beginner – Target is 2 days per week

Intermediate – Target is 5 days per day

Advanced – Target is everyday

[frontend-checklist name="Outdoor" days="30"]

Don’t panic, this section isn’t challenging you to give up alcohol.  I’d quit right now if it was LOL.  But we just want to give everyone a reason to cut it down a bit.  For the first 3 weeks of lockdown, I looked forward to 7:30pm each night, when I could pour my first drink and not feel guilty about it.  But every night drinking is just too much.  2-3 nights per week is more than enough, and if you can cut that to 2 or less, even better.  If you’re lucky enough not to drink alcohol, just disregard this section.  No points for something you do anyway LOL.

Points per day without alcohol- All levels 2

5 Bonus points for going 5 days in a row without alcohol.

[frontend-checklist name="Alcohol" days="30"]

Self Care is an element of a healthy lifestyle, that many of us, including myself, often neglect.  There just always seems to be 101 more important things that need done, instead of taking time to stretch out our muscles, listen to some relaxing music, meditate or relax in a hot bath with salts.  All this calms the mind and body, and leads to a healthier life, physically and mentally.

Here is a short list of examples of Self Care;


  • Follow one of our online Yoga Classes
  • 15-20 mins stretching and foam rolling
  • 30 mins listening to relaxing music
  • Hot bath with epson salts (optional)
  • 10-15 mins meditation

Points per Self Care session 2

Beginner – Target is 2 sessions per week

Intermediate – Target is 5 sessions per week

Advanced – Target is over 7 sessions per week

[frontend-checklist name="PersonalCare" days="30"]

Again, this isn’t a competition, and no one will find out anyone else’s weekly score.  For our own analysis, we’re asking people to submit their scores below.  We will be able to calculate an average score, and see if it increases over the 4 weeks.  Also, use the form below to submit any questions or feedback to us, and if you include an email address, we can reply if required.

Thank-you and well done on completing week 1 of the Maxx Life 4 week Lock-Down Challenge.

Please only Submit your score when you have finished completing your tasks for the week.

There is a new checklist page now available with automatic score calculating. This new page will be used from Monday 26th April onwards. Link button is below the form, and in the website menu.

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