One of the main comments of feedback we are getting from people on the Lock-Down Challenge, is often feeling unmotivated.  Unable to do as well as they would like because they just can’t get motivated to do the workouts, or go for a walk etc.

We’ve created this 1 Day Challenge to try and help increase everyones motivation, at a time when it is greatly needed. 

Let’s see if we can improve your motivation in a single day.

Simply complete this challenge in linear format, i.e. complete each task before going onto the next task.  And if you make it to the bottom, you can submit your name if you wish, which will help give us an indication of how many people completed the challenge.

Cool.  We’re ready to start.  We hope you enjoy it and find a new lease of life from this challenge.

Your Maxx Life Team 

Headphones at the Ready

One of the best motivational techniques is audio, and for a better impact, you want to listen through headphones.  Try and have a pair of headphones on hand for this challenge.

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This first task is done the night before your main Motivation Day.

Headphones at the ready. When you go to bed tonight, listen to about 5-15 minutes of either of the clips below.  They are very different.  One is positive affirmations, an the other is a tip for getting you to take action. Feel free to listen to both if you want.

Audio 1:  Positive Affirmations – If you are often hard on yourself, and always putting yourself down.  If you often think you are not good enough, then listen to the positive affirmations below.  If you listened to this for 10 mins each day, you would soon find your self worth.

Audio 2: Tip to Take Action – If you are already confident enough within yourself and already know that all people are equal, and you are equal to everyone else, then try this clip, to help get out of your bed earlier in the morning, and take action on things.  Its 11 mins long, you need to listen to the whole audio to complete this task of the challenge. 

Ready for a good nights sleep?  You can tick off tast number 1 in the main menu.

As soon as you wake up, you’re ready to start task number 2.  It’s so so tempting to just roll over and try to go back to sleep for another hour.  Well, you can do that if you want, right after you have listened to one of these audios.  It’s very difficult to guess what type of audio different people will get motivated by, so here is two options.  I’m guessing younger people may find audio 1 better, and more older people may prefer audio 2.  You decide which category you are in for this one LOL.  If you want a marker to go by, I’m 38 and I’m young LOL.  Or maybe just listen to both, and decide which you prefer.  Stick your head phones in, they’re only a few mins long each.

Audio 1 – May appeal to younger audience more

Audio 2 – Should appeal to all ages

Task number 2 complete, you can tick it off now in the main menu.

Hopefully you are getting out of bed by now, and ready to start your morning.  Time for the next task.

This next task can have some amazing effects if you make it part of your morning ritual.  But let’s just start with today.  You are going to need some A4 paper and a pen.  This task will take about 15 mins, so make yourself a cup of tea, and play some relaxing music.  I’ve linked in some music here from YouTube if you want, or if you have Spotify, try searching “River Flows In You”

Part 1

Write down 10 things your are grateful for.  It can be people in your life, the roof over your head, anything at all that you are grateful for.  Start each item with “I am grateful for…   … because … ”  Take your time with the exercise. 

Part 2

Write down 2 or 3 things in your life that you have over-come.  Some really challenging times in your life, when you over-come adversity, and came through the other side.  Or it may be one of life’s challenges that you are currently going through.  Write them as follows, 

“I am a strong person, I have/will overcome …. and have/will come out the other side stronger.  If I could face that, I can take on anything”  

Feel free to write as much as you want.  Pay attention to what you are writing, and how strong your inner strength really is.

Part 3

Write down something that you have really wanted to get done, but keep putting off.  For example, in my case, my tax returns LOL, hate the thought of them.  Could be cleaning a particular room in the house, or anything that you could complete today, but just keep putting it off.  Write it as follows, 

“Today, I would really like to ……”  

Your not committing to anything here, just writing a simple sentence.  Whether you actually do it or not is up to you.

Part 4

Write down 2 or 3 much smaller tasks that you’d like to get done today.  Could be something like all the laundry done, or a workout, or anything that you have been wanting to do but rarely get motivated to do it.  Start each sentence with 

“Today i’d like to….”

Part 5

Write down a major goal you have, that you would like to achieve.  If you have none, then write down a dream-come-true.  Don’t worry about how impossible it may be, just write it down anyway.  The idea isn’t to start working towards the goal or dream, its only to get you thinking about it.  Something as simple as thinking of my goals, often motivates me to keep moving forward, even if it’s really slowly.  

Part 6

The last part of this writing task, is to read back over everything you have wrote.  If you read it out loud, all the better, but if that makes you feel silly, just read it to yourself.  Now fold up your paper and put it somewhere safe, you’re going to need it again.

And that is task number 3 done.  You can check it off in the main menu and enjoy the rest of your morning.

For this next task, you have to spend some time somewhere in nature.  This can be difficult depending on your situation.  You may not be able to leave the house with kids sleeping, or you may have to go to work, or anything.  So, just do the best you can with it.  The ideal situation is to be able to go early in the morning after the writing task and before breakfast.  But any time of the day will be fine.

The great thing about getting deep into nature, is that we as humans have a connection with it, and it allows us to also disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life, no traffic, just the calming peace of nature.  This is partly why early morning before the world wakes up, is the best time.

You can go for a walk if you like, or you can just sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  For people from Armagh, places like the Navan Fort or the Palace Stables.  Gosford Forest is my go to place only its currently closed to non-nearby residents.  I have spend many’s a beautiful morning in it at 5:30am, deep in the forest with absolutely no sign of human life anywhere.  Just me and my thoughts, listening to the sounds of the forest at sunrise.  You could go to a field in the countryside, or a riverbank or anywhere like that.  

And spend 5-10 mins, reading over the different things you wrote in the previous task, and just thinking about them.  Let your mind wander, and go with it.  You could be very surprised with some of the thoughts that may jump in there.

Unfortunately, our society has disconnected us from nature and the natural healing power it has, physically and mentally.  I believe nature is a far superior remedy for many mental illnesses, compared to medication (personal opinion and not professional advice)

Remember, you can complete this task at any time through-out the day, although before breakfast is the best time.

And that is task number 4 done.  You can check it off in the main menu and enjoy the rest of your day.

The next part of the challenge, is to get your mind thinking happy and positively.  The number 1 form of media consumed in the world is… TV.  And media is constantly programming your mind.  What we hear and see is programming the mind.  And if I asked you the question, “would you say the media on TV is mostly positive, or mostly negative?”  What would you say?  The answer is mostly negative, and by a large amount too.    

For the next 10 mins, lets flood your mind with some happy positive visual media.  For this, you need to go to your old photograph collections.  Scroll right to the beginning of the photo’s on your phone, or even better, hoke out the old prints, and start flicking through them.  Photo’s of an past holiday, birth of a child or wedding day. 

If you come across a photo of someone who is no longer with you, I want you to think of the happy times you had with them.  Celebrate their life in your mind.  It’s OK to let yourself be happy-sad, that’s sad with a smile on your face.  But this exercise is about putting you in a good mood, and feeling happy for the people and memories that you have in your life.

Also, here is some music to play while you are looking through them.

And that is task number 5 done.  You can check it off in the main menu.

Self-Belief is the most powerful motivation you can have.  If your not motivated, it means that you don’t truly believe that you can accomplish what it is it that you want to be motivated for.  If you want to lose weight, but can’t get motivated, it’s mostly because you really don’t think you can lose weight the weight.  It’s why people’s motivation drops when the ‘results’ or progress slows down.  Their belief in the process is diminishing, and along with it goes their motivation. 

Self-motivation is self-belief.  When you truly believe in yourself, that you can accomplish anything you want, then it’s easy to move forward and get things done, because you know that you will eventually reach your goal.

So let’s train you to have more self-belief in yourself. Self-belief is achieved through;

1. Being around the right people, people who believe in you and in themselves.  

2.  By flooding your mind with the right media, media that will help program your mind to believe in yourself.  

3.  And completing tasks or achieving goals, no matter how small, and ticking them off.

Two very quick story’s to demonstrate self-belief;

In the gym, we have a program called Maxx90.  People are required to keep a log of the weight they lift for each exercise.  Week 1 on the leg press, everyone starts at zero, just so we know they can do it.  Then we add 10kg, and they perform a set.  Then another 10kg.  I’ll often tell people, you’ll be in the Hundred Club in a few weeks.  And always receive the same answer, “aye, right, I’ll never lift 100kg on that thing.”  Each week, we add another 10kg and another 10kg.  By week 4, the last week of phase 1, we start on 70kg, then 80kg, then 90kg.  And when the 3 sets are over, I’ll say, “do you want to try for the Hundred Club”.  And they’ll do it.  But they haven’t just got incredibly strong in a few weeks.  The strength was already there.  But if we had of said in Week 1, go ahead and lift 100kg there, they wouldn’t have been able to budge it.  Because the self-belief wasn’t there.  The self-belief of being able to lift 100kg, was created, by completing all the mini-tasks up to it.  10kg, then 20kg, and so on.  When they came to try lifting 100kg, they wern’t trying to lift 100kg, they were only trying to lift 10kg more than they already knew they could.

Self-belief is built upon by taking action, no matter how small it is, and completing it.  Then when you know you can do something, you believe that you can do the same thing again and most likely improve on it.  That’s self-motivation.

Here’s another short story on self-belief, just before we get to the task.  I remember a new girl came into the gym for her first PT.  I set out the hex bar deadlift for her, and set it at 30kg, which is light.  I used the bumper plates to set it up, which are large plates, but some are much lighter than they look.  Having not tried yet, she said “I can’t lift that”.  I asked her to try anyway, which she did, and low and behold, she proved herself right, and couldn’t budge it”.  I said, “hold on, i’ll make it lighter for you”, and I changed the bumper plates with small weight plates, that were the exact same weight.  I told her to go on ahead and lift it now, as it was lighter.  “Well, does that feel better?”  “Yes, much better” and she done 10 reps.  “That was the exact same weight” I told her.  She only couldn’t lift it the first time, because her mind told her she couldn’t lift it, and her body followed the command.  

I have wrote many times, that every single one of us can do or accomplish anything we want.  Its the story in our mind, the belief, that makes us think otherwise.  It’s just a pity they don’t teach this fact in school.  

A lot of people are currently home schooling at the minute, teaching their kids how to do math, or read, or memorise stuff.  But how many of us actually teach our kids daily that they can do and become absolutely anything they want to be.  Self-Belief without education will still succeed, but education without self-belief may struggle greatly.

If there is one thing you take away from today’s challenge, make it the Power of Self-Belief.  Work daily on believing in yourself.  Try and do things that you have never done before.  Completing things that you have never done before, is what grows self-belief.

For this task, there is 2 parts.  Write down some things you have done recently, that you had never done before.

Part 2, listen to the following clip.  You can go for another walk and listen to it, or clean the kitchen and listen to it, or sit somewhere comfortable with a cup of tea and listen to it.  Again, wearing headphones will increase the effect.

Link incase video doesn’t load:

And that is task number 6 and your last motivatoinal task for today.  You can check it off in the main menu.

I hope that you have managed to complete all the tasks today, and feel somewhat more motivated.  Remember, motivation is something that you need to work on as much as you can.  People wait until motivation happens to them, like the Lock-Down Challenge coming along.  But no one needs to wait.  The motivation to get stuff done can be unlocked anytime you want.  I don’t want to say, work on motivating yourself everyday, as the idea of doing something every single day for some people can be too daunting, so they don’t get started. But then, we do all manage to make food and eat every single day, get dressed and brush our teeth etc, so setting 10 mins aside for a little self motivation shouldn’t feel that daunting.   

Anyway, these are the methods I would use to motivate myself.  You can motivate yourself and bring your self-belief to such a high level, that your own mind becomes a self-powered internal motivator, and literally no obstacle or challenge feels impossible.  I hope you like the audio/video clips I selected.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of motivating videos on YouTube, and everyone will prefer one type over another.  It was quite a difficult task to select the clips, as the videos I find motivating, will be probably be different to the videos you find motivating.  But I tried my best, and spend hours going through different videos LOL.  I wish you all the best on your journey towards true self-belief and motivation.

If you completed the 1 Day Motivation Challenge, let me know how you found it with the short form below.  Thanks, Anto.