Juice Bar Manager

Position: Juice Bar Manager
Location:  Ballycrummy Road, Armagh
 Full Time
Commences:  August 2023
Hours: 40 hours per week, divided up over split shifts.  Shifts are flexible. 
Salary: £12.25 /hr + holidays + perks

Maxx Life Gym is a Family-Friendly gym offering a full range of fitness services in a non-competitive environment.  We’re the fastest growing gym in Armagh, and currently have closed our memberships as we’re operating at full capacity.  We are moving to a brand new premises which is offering us a lot more floor space and a more convenient location, which will allow us to grow Maxx Life ever further. 

Our brand new gym will be home to Armagh’s only Juice Bar, where we will be serving a range of healthy freshly made smoothies, healthy treats, and a full range of hot drinks.  We want the Juice Bar to be an extension of Maxx Life.  A welcoming, family orientated business, operated with passion and friendliness.  Where customer focus is everything, and quality is second nature.

A bit about the role:  As the manager, you will be responsible for everything.  With the highest level of customer service, and a keen eye for detail, it will be your mission to drive the business forwards.  

You will guide and develop your team to serve our members the best smoothies and hot drinks, to the high standard they have come to expect.  As manager, team leadership and management, stock control and the day-to-day management will also be part of your remit.

A strong focus on sales is required, to help grow the business and your team.

Requirements:  Trained Barista

Highly Desirable:  1 Year experience working in hospitality or retail management.  Passionate about health.

Closing Date:  Friday 30th June, 2023.  

What we will be looking for in you:  For the role of Manager, we are looking for a leader and a role model, someone with customer service experience who is used to working as part of a team.

With a natural enthusiasm for the task at hand, you’ll be able to share your passion with your team, and motivate them to higher standards.

We are looking for a person who will bring value to Maxx Life and the Maxx Life brand.

If you believe that you are the person that fulfils our criteria, then please fill out the application form below. Thank-you.