Runners & Riders For Next Meeting


With the weather so nice in the evenings, we’re missing out a lot on relaxing out the back, as we have to prepare in advance for all the nightly entertainment.  So we’re freeing up one of our evenings, and have decided to cut the Night At The Races.  This game requires the most work, and the YouTube races are now starting to get repetitive, so unfortunately this is our last Maxx Life Night at the Races.  Massive thanks to everyone for playing along each week, and we hope you have fun in tonight’s game.  Thanks, from your Maxxertainment team 🙂

Tonight's Runners & Riders

We’ve kept the same horse names this week, as I’ve been working hard creating the new Maxx Life 4 Week Lock-Down Challenge, and have run out of time to change the names and betting form, as it takes me a couple of hours.  Don’t worry, we’ll be picking 7 new random races for tonight’s game.

  1. Abracadabra 
  2. Mozart
  3. Maxx Ninja
  4. Bon Bon
  5. Snowball II
  6. Chunky
  7. Smartie Pants
  8. Lucky Number Slevin

  1. Bullseye
  2. White Beauty
  3. Fake-stagram
  4. Tommy Bowe
  5. Bucktooth
  6. Sprinkles
  7. Waffle House
  8. Frankenstein

  1. Droopy Drawers
  2. Rainbow Unicorn
  3. Donkey
  4. Dillon’s Scored
  5. Friday Night Tipple
  6. White Hawk
  7. Guinness Head
  8. Jimbo

  1. Still Running
  2. Nana & Granda
  3. Grey Goose
  4. Lucky 13
  5. Chicken Dippers Moy Road
  6. Alright Big Lad
  7. Butterscotch
  8. Lock-Down Challenge Saved Me

  1. Judge Grinder
  2. Peanuts
  3. MaxxiMus
  4. Long Time No Oats
  5. Crazy Horse
  6. Strawberry Daquiri
  7. Curling In The Squat Rack
  8. Are Your Effin Blind Ref

  1. Custard Cream
  2. 3 Scoops Please
  3. Bloody Home Schooling
  4. All-Inclusive
  5. Mr. Grey
  6. Rib-Eye
  7. One Penny Please
  8. Donald Dump

  1. Cocktails & Sunshine
  2. Any Shrimps For The Barbie
  3. Ah Go On Father
  4. Mr. Rogi Motivator
  5. Ard Mhaca
  6. No Clap For Politicians 
  7. I Miss The Gym
  8. Everything I Have On