'Healthy Lifestyle' 2019

Your Country

Our country is in trouble.  Health is declining at a rapid rate, while waistlines are increasing just as fast.  Obesity levels are growing fast, mental health issues are on the rise, and our kids are in serious trouble.  Kids don’t seem to play outside much these days, spend large amounts of their day being mind-numbed on devices, and consume more sugar than any other generation ever before.

Our Nation Has From Health

Our world is evolving at a rapid rate. For so many reasons, people have lost consciousness with their own health and fitness.  Some of the main contributing factors are  

'Healthy Lifestyle' 2019

How To Lose Weight To Lose Weight...

The Maxx Life 'Healthy Living' Experiment, is an experiment on a large scale, to prove to the world, that by concentrating on improving your physical and mental health, by consuming more healthy food that you ever have before, that you will burn more fat that you have ever before, and keep it off, without even trying.

My History

I started out on my own weight loss journey almost 7 years ago, and since then, I have tried almost every diet under the sun myself.  My passion for fitness and fat loss lead me to qualify as a personal trainer, where I went on to open my own gym, and coach hundreds of people about fat loss.  I’ve been a part of, and studied closely, hundreds of peoples fat loss journeys over the past 4 years as a personal trainer.  I have consulted with hundreds of people, listened to their stories of weight loss attempts and the many obstacles blocking them from achieving the goals they set out to achieve.  

The first 4 years of my own journey

The first 100 days of 2019

These 2 photo’s were take 14 weeks apart, both first thing in the morning and under the exact same conditions.  I managed to lose 19 lbs of weight,eating more food in a day, than most people would eat in 2-3 days.  My main goal was to improve my health, fitness and strength, and in return for my efforts, my body rewarded me with abs.  I want to teach you my methods, so that you can achieve the same great health, physically and mentally, as well as more energy, better fitness and as much fat loss as you want.

The Current Fitness Industry

In a nut-shell, the fitness industry is an over-priced, under educated industry, with more crazy advice given out that you care to shake a stick at.  Peoples lives are at stake here, their physical and mental health, and many people will try anything to lose weight, with absolute disregard for their health.   Business’s are playing with people’s emotions, faking before and after photo’s and selling phony products and plans just so they can cash in. 

The fitness industry is flooded with weight loss programs, meal plans and advice, promising to shed loads of pounds, without any regard for the person’s health, often even causing a person’s health to deteriorate, for the goal of weight loss.

This amazing green drink reduced this woman in half while also getting rid of all excess skin around her upper arm and elbow.

This little tablet will cause you to shed 20 lbs in 1 week.  More like £20

Garlic is great for you, but simply mix it with honey into milk to burn belly fat, doesn’t make any sort of logical sense, and would taste rotten.

Need to get rid of stubborn fat, just rub this cream on the areas and it torches it away.  Make sure you get the one with added fake tan, to ensure the sun-kissed glow with your new found abs.

Melts away fat, “WITHOUT ANY WORK”, and it’s so incredibly effective, that they are almost out of stock.  Yeah, this pretty woman looks likes she’s never exercised a day in her life, and just pops a few of these pills each morning.

I knew ginger was good, but I never knew it was that good.  Funny I take it most days, but never seemed to get fat loss results as fast as this.  Maybe I’m cutting it the wrong way.

I’m assuming this woman contributes her flat stomach to mixing a few berries with water and drinking it before bed.  Although it probably only works if drank from a jam jar with a  straw.

And finally, if you’re going to moisturise your skin daily, please please please make sure you us the slimming oil version, so you can blast all those fat cells away, while achieving lovely smooth baby soft skin.

These are some of the crazy fat loss products and claims that are out there, and people are buying into.  However, there are many more instances of weight loss programs and advice being followed by a lot of people, were the damaging effects to that person’s health are much more subtle.

It's Time To Change This...

Once And For All!

So What Is The...

'Healthy Lifestyle' 2019

And What Makes It Different???

Our ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ Experiment, is an 8 week challenge and experiment, were everyone who takes part in the experiment, will be given the same plan of action to follow.  The plan will be based around Maxx Life’s…

To Better Health

Follow Our 7 Steps And You Will Get...

Improved Physical Health

Your Health is Your TRUE Wealth.  Challenge yourself to improve your health over the next 8 weeks, through the power of healthy nutrition, regular training and exercising, walking, adequate water, sleep, relaxation and recovery.  

Improved Mental Health

Your mental health and attitude is like a muscle, which can be made stronger with the right training, or can weaken when exposed to unhealthy mind nutrition, such as negative media and idleness.  This 8 week experiment will provide the tools to improve your mental health, while tracking your progress along the way. 

Better Sleep

Quality sleep seems to be a luxury these days for many people, however, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Quality of sleep relies on ones health, while health relies on one’s quality of sleep.  By following this plan and making a few changes in your lifestyle, you’ll be sleeping like a baby for years to come. 

Look Younger

Why do some people look 10 years younger, while others could easily pass for 10 years older? No, it’s not down to which anti-wrinkle cream people use, it’s their lifestyle.  It’s what they consume, nutritionally and mentally.  Smokers look much older than non-smokers, simply because they expose their body to thousands of toxic chemicals all day long.  While healthy people consume large amounts of healthy vitamins and minerals from food, making them look and feel much younger.

That 'Feel Good' Factor

You’ll feel great after a healthy breakfast or meal.  You’ll feel fantastic after a good workout at the gym.  You’ll feel good after a long walk.  You’ll feel revived after a good nights sleep.  You’ll feel amazing, energised and fantastic, when it all comes together.  When you really get into it all, you’ll feel ‘Unstoppable’.

For Strength

For both women and men, being strong and feeling strong physically, can work wonders for the inner mental strengths of confidence, self-esteem and self worth.  Being strong in the gym will make you strong in many areas of life.

For Fitness

Improve your speed and recovery quicker, with regular training and exercising.  Become fit enough to play with your kids, to chase them, race them and even beat them 😉  Everyone has the natural born ability to be fit.  It’s simply our lifestyle that determines how fast or slow we are.  Challenge yourself to become fitter and faster. 

Increased Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Sense Of Accomplishment

Better Quality of Life

Positive Mental Attitude

& Not Forgetting For Fat Loss

Although most peoples primary goal for taking action with regards to exercise and the gym, is to burn off excess body fat, I have purposely placed this benefit at the end of the list.  It’s our stressful lives and our social lives that are the main contributors to our body fat increases.  When fat loss is the primary goal, people can tend to try some very unhealthy practices to achieve their goals.  For this experiment, we are going to make creating a Healthy Lifestyle your #1 priority.  Forget fat loss and forget the scales.   Make this experiment all about becoming a healthier version of You.  Trust that living a healthier lifestyle with lead to many positive benefits, including fat loss.

Fat Loss is a By-Product of a !

The Experiment may be for 8 weeks, but the benefits will be felt from day 1...

8 Week Experiment

Change You Life Around In 8 Weeks

Healthy Lifestyle Is

Your Plan Will Show You Exactly...

Your plan will be simple to follow...

For This Experiment

Weighing scales are probably the most destructive tool when it comes to weight loss.  People simply don’t understand how weighing scales work, thus leading them to a negative relationship with them.  Weighing scales should be used to weigh suitcases and nothing more.

The best version of you is only a few weeks of effort away...

Let me prove to you, the amazing changes your body will make, just by following the right plan.

Then you can be our voice to the rest of the world.

Starts Monday 6th May

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