Now that you have laid the groundwork by learning about the different nutritional and training approaches, it’s time to begin creating your own unique Maxx90 ‘Healthy Living’ Challenge.  Make sure you have the Maxx90 Challenge Wall Planner that was emailed to you, printed off , and work through the following steps to help you complete it.

Part 2:

1. Measure Yourself

As already explained, even though this is a challenge based completely around creating a healthier lifestyle, it can be expected that a certain amount of fat loss will happen as a side effect of a successfully completed challenge.  For this reason, you are going to record your initial measurements, and then at the end, you can compare your 90 day measurements and see if fat loss happened.

Begin to fill out the wall planner as you work your way through each of the sections below.  You can start with your name and then date.  Then fill in each of the sections under the column “Day 1” only.

Clothes Sizes

Fill in the size of a particular pair of trousers or jeans that you wear regularly, as well as a shirt, blouse or any other top.  There is an extra space for you to add another item of your choice, like a dress for instance.  Please don’t enter “shoe” or “cap”, these items most likely won’t require a change of size.


Use a tape measure to measure the different areas of your body.  It is standard practice in this country to imperial measurements, i.e. inches.  If you are unsure how to take your own measurements, watch the video below for a full demonstration.

Body Composition Analysis

There are 2 ways to do a body composition analysis.  

Option One is with a calipers and a set of bathroom scales.  Click on the image to purchase digital calipers from Amazon

Firstly record your total body weight in pounds (lbs) using the bathroom scales.  Then use the calipers to calculate your body fat percentage.   Multiply your weight in pounds by you body fat %, to get your body fat in pounds.  Subtract your body fat in pounds from your weight and this will give you your Lean Body Mass (LBM).  

To calculate your Body Mass Index, use the simple table below.  BMI doesn’t always give a true reading of health, as it doesn’t account for the amount of Lean Body Mass that a person has, however, for this challenge, a decrease in BMI would be a good result in most cases.

To calculate out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), simply click the image below to use the online calculator. 

Option Two is to calculate your body composition with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Scales.  This is how we calculate our clients Body Compositions at Maxx Life Gym.  It is a quick and accurate measurement that also includes measurements for Visceral Fat, Hydration % and Metabolic age, all of which are great indicators of health.  If you would like to book in with us for a 30 min consultation, where we will take all your measurements and can help you with filling out the rest of the Challenge Planner, then click on the image below to book in online. 

2. Take Photographs

Comparing photographs of yourself from day 1 to day 90, with provide you will a great representation of any physical changes that your body has went through.  For many people, taking photos of themselves can be a very daunting process.  These photographs are for you, and you alone.  Take them, store them away on your camera, and use them to compare your physical progress over the 90 days.  Check out the video below for tips on taking before and after photos.

Maxx Life Gym does not use or posts client before/after photos on social media or any marketing.  We will never ask your for your photos, they are for your own private viewing only.

3. Create Your Challenge

My Nutritional Approach

Tick each of the boxes that apply to your choose nutritional approach.  You may decide to choose a few different approaches, and use each of them for a certain length of time through-out the 90 days.  If you are uncertain which nutritional approach to opt for, I recommend using our ‘Simple 1 page guide’.

Then write a line or 2 about why you have choose that particular approach.  An example could be…

My reasons for choosing this nutritional approach are ...
that i just want to be healthy and can't be bothered learning about calories or counting macros or sticking to a meal plan.

Simple 1 page guidelines

My Workout Plan

This is where you make the commitment to how many times you are going to train each week, through-out the 90 days.  This number is very important, as it’s the Challenge marker to earn the Maxx90 wristband.  When choosing how many times to train per week, choose an amount that is going to test you, but not become almost impossible.  3 times per week is a good challenge for any person, 4 times per week if you really want to test yourself. 

Next, write a line or 2 about the what your workout routine will entail.  Here’s a few examples.

My training will consist of ...
at least 2 PT's and a bootcamp each week, and hopefully a 2nd bootcamp or 5km run.

My training will consist of ...
working through the complete Maxx90 4 day training program on the Maxx Life mobile training app.

If you are able to commit to regular training times, whether by yourself, with a training partner, a PT or a particular bootcamp, enter the days and times into the fields labelled 1 – 4.

My Extra Health Plan

In this last section, you are going to fill out different targets for the challenge, that will help you try and live a healthier lifestyle.  


Start by calculating how much water you should consume per day.  Drinking tea is also included in your daily water intake, whereas coffee isn’t, as it is a diuretic, and dehydrates the body.

The image about shows how to calculate the amount of water you need.  Take you weight in pounds and divide that by 2, to get the number of fluid ounces of water you need.  There are 8 fl oz in a standard glass, and 16 in a 500ml bottle.  If you are unsure what to enter here, 2.5 lts per day is a good start for anyone.

Walking / Steps

Walking is one of simplest forms of exercise, with so many fantastic benefits for the body.  The steps we do in daily life all add up to our activity, but nothing beats getting out into nature for a good brisk walk to loosen up the joints and clear the ol’ head, or gossip the bit out with friends.

It is recommended to aim for 10,000 steps per day to help keep you active.  Every 5,000 with burn approximately 200-300 calories.  For the next 90 days, I want you to really challenge yourself when it comes to the amount of steps you do.  If you have a step tracker, you can set yourself a weekly step target to aim for.  I find weekly targets are better than daily targets, as some days, you will have more spare time than others to go for a walk.  If you don’t have a step tracker, set yourself a target of so many minutes per week, for example, you may aim for five 30 minute walks each week.

And remember, when it comes to walking in Ireland, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.


Sleep is absolute key with it comes to our health, and many people just arn’t getting enough hours quality sleep.  You body does most of it’s building and repairing while you are in a deep sleep.  Most muscle recovery from your training, happens while your in deep sleep.  Many people are unable to get adequate quality sleep each night, simply because they live an unhealthy lifestyle.  Any number of lifestyle choices or vitamin and mineral deficiencies, can cause a person to have disruptive sleep.  However, there are plenty of people who struggle to get adequate sleep, due to working hours, and this is generally out of their control.

The amount of hours of sleep we each need, varies from person to person. The chart below will help you decide how much quality sleep you should aim for.  A realistic target for most adults is 6 – 8 hours quality sleep per night.

There are lots you can do to help improve your quality of sleep.  But there is one particular habit that I would like you to challenge yourself with for the next 90 days.

If you must have your mobile in your bedroom as your alarm, for the next 90 days, place it out of arms reach, preferably at the other side of the room.  If you and your partner both adopt this new habit, you never know where it may lead to 😉

Check out the image below for a whole host of other tips and advice for better quality sleep. 

The 2 Healthy Foods...

I am going to try my best to like are…  This part of the challenge is to encourage you to try and retrain your mind to like certain healthy foods that you don’t eat.  In most cases, not liking particular foods, is something that is developed in our early years.

As a baby, we would eat almost anything put near our mouths.  I can remember with each off my own kids, there wasn’t a single thing they didn’t like or eat as a baby.  As my eldest child grew older, she began to refuse broccoli.  Now she won’t go near her dinner if there is anything green on the plate.  The same child was raised on pureed vegetables including broccoli, peas, cabbage etc.  And off course, greens are some of the healthiest foods available, but she prefers ham and cheese toasties and Harry’s ice-cream van.  Kids rarely taking a disliking to sweets or sugary items.

Choose any 2 foods that you don’t like, but that you know are healthy and good for you.  Here is a short list of foods, that I find are commonly disliked by many clients.


  • Oily fish like mackerel or herring
  • Avocado – one of the healthiest foods around
  • Beetroot – lots of antioxidants
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad
  • Greens including broccoli, cabbage and kale
  • Fish – a great natural source of protein
  • Nuts – particularly walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds etc
  • Seeds including milled seeds such as flaxseed

Or check out the lists of foods on our ‘Simple 1 page guide’, and see if there is something there that you could try.


My Planned Binge Sessions Are...

Maxx Life is all about incorporating health and fitness into your life, and not requiring it to take over your life.  A healthy lifestyle without socialising, can’t be much fun.  In this Maxx90 challenge, we recognise that enjoying events with friends, is just as important as living healthy and looking well.  So lets keep it ‘Real’.  In any 90 day period, almost everyone will have planned events, which will require them to leave the healthy lifestyle behind for a night or two, and indulge in some so-called ‘badness’.  Whether its a hen weekend, a wedding, birthday, holiday or any other event that requires gallons of alcohol and thousands of excess calories, it has to be done.  So instead of trying to go on that night out and stay sober, like a party pooper, lets add your pre-planned events to the challenge.  This way, you can still have fun with your friends, while staying on plan.   The only thing I will say is…


Finally, the last section of Maxx90 ‘Healthy Living’ Challenge wall planner.  Of course the best is always kept to the end.  This part of the challenge is going to be the real ‘make-or-break’.  This is where you are going to write down your biggest weaknesses, with regards to healthy living.  Almost everyone knows what parts of their lifestyle is healthy and unhealthy.  Decide what habits your have, that are affecting your health in the most negative way, and then write down how you are going to control them.   

Here are a few examples of how you may fill out this section…

My Main Weaknesses That I Will Work Hard On Are...
red wine and crisps

I will have no more than 1 bottle of red wine and 2 bags of crisps each week...

My Main Weaknesses That I Will Work Hard On Are...
not cooking my own food and living on take-aways

I will have no more than 1 take-away each week...

My Main Weaknesses That I Will Work Hard On Are...
smoking, beer and eating out

I will have no more than 5 fegs per day and 5 beers each week...

Well, maybe not the challenge completed, but that’s the Challenge form completed at least.  Move onto the last 2 steps of the ‘Get Set’ section, before advancing to the last part.

3. Print Challenge Material

Nutritional Material...

Print out any meal plans,  shopping lists, nutrition guides etc. that you may have decided to use, or pick up one of the ‘Simple 1 page guidelines’ from the Maxx Life Gym.  Have the material at hand, so that you can reference it anytime.

Workout Logs...

If you’re completing the Maxx90 12 week workout program or the Bikini8 8 week program, make sure you have either got a printed log ready or have purchased and setup the Maxx Life Mobile Training app (app costs £20 per year).  If you are working through another program of your own, have your workout log or app ready to go.  

90 Day Countdown Chart...

The Unique Maxx90 ‘Healthy Living’ Challenge, 90 day Countdown Chart, is a cool new accountability feature for this challenge.  You will have received a link to this countdown chart by email.  Print it off and fix it to your wall, beside the ‘Healthy Living’ Challenge form.

The Countdown Chart uses a 3 colour coding system to fill it out.  When the 90 days are over, the chart will give you a visual representation of how well you have done through-out the challenge. 

Get yourself 3 different coloured markers.  On the chart, defined what rating each colour represents.  For handiness, get a lump of bluetac and fix the markers beside the wall chart.  At the end of each day, rate how you have done on that day, in relation to your challenge, honestly, and then colour in that day on the chart.  When you look at the chart at the end, the most dominant colour you see will be the effort you rated yourself.

4. Arrange Weekly Workouts

  • Arrange workouts with your training buddy
  • Book in for Bootcamps
  • Gym Membership
  • Book in for Personal Training
  • Arrange walks with friends
  • Setup Mobile Trainer App

And That's You...

And that’s your own unique Maxx90 ‘Healthy Living’ Challenge plan created.  Now it’s time to put it all into action.  Click on the image below for the last pep talk, and then you’re ready to get started.