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Can you recommend a list of books, anything from health and fitness to money making and organising my life?

26th April, 2019: Chris O'Conor

It reminded me of a photo I took yesterday morning, looking out over the beach in Portsalon, relaxing reading a book, while the kids played in the garden.

The photo I took was off a quote, which I had meant to post as motivation to book into this mornings bootcamp, but got side-tracked LOL

“Sweat or Regret”. The book wasn’t referring to the quote in a fitness sense, but it can be completely applied to health and fitness. We feel great after a good workout, and can often feel regret if we choose not to workout, or go to PT or bootcamp and sweat. With fitness, it’s either Sweat, or Regret!

And back to the question. I more or less attribute where I am in my life, and my own mental attitude, down to the books I have read and re-read over the past 6-7 years. With regards to all aspects of my life, health, nutrition, fitness, personal confidence and self-belief, business, goals, motivation, and money. I’ve read multiple books on each of these subjects, always striving to improve my current position with each part of my life.

Before I give a list of a few books that I would recommend, I’d like to mention that I was far from the top of the class in school. I never studied, hated it, got expelled from the Grammar in 7th year, let back in so I could achieve a D, E, N in A-Levels LOL. Got in through the back door of uni with my D, never studied and scraped a Degree, only because I loved computers and had self-taught myself most of the course as a hobby. I never read in school, as I had no interest in the things they were teaching me.

But I love reading books that continually change the game for me. Here is a list of a few…

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris: This book played a major role in getting the gym and me to where we are today. I’ve read it twice, recently finished it for the 2nd time a few weeks ago, and it read completely different to me both times. Game changer

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: this book I highly recommend to everyone. I came across it, by searching for books that make you better with money. 99% of people are programmed, not to have money. no matter how hard a person works, how many hours extra per week, when Xmas is over, they are back to where they started at the beginning of the year, broke. This book explains why, and shows you how to change it. A must read.

The Subtle Art Of Not giving A Fuck by Mark Manson: A lot of this book can be waffly enough, but there is one chapter, than when you finish it, you’ll realise that life is not to be taken seriously, and you’ll stop giving a fcuk about the little insignificant things.

6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voodg: First time I read this, I was flying over to England to a mentorship group of personal trainers. It’s a great, to the point motivation book, to help propell your business or get you out of your job and follow your passion

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone: If your a dreamer, this book will make you dream even bigger, and then push you into action. I made a huge decision of closing the gym for 3 months and refurbing it, with no money, while I was reading this book. Without it, I doubt the refurb would ever have happened.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki: If you’ve been in a job for most of your life, this is a must read. Teaches the 4 quadrants for making money

The Art Of Extraordinary Confidence: I went through a long period of low public confidence and social anxiety, which I believe was cause during my unhealthy years. I searched for an answer and found this book, and it helped me change things around.

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is a fantastic book all about how the mind works. Again, I read this book, to help me understand my social anxiety, and then combat it. This book will greatly help anyone who many have mental health issues, to understand their mind better.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Have to add a fat loss book in here, so this is the one that changed the game for me.

I could list books that I recommend, until the cows come home. So probably the best advice I could give is, decide on a goal you have, then find and read a book(s) that will help you achieve that goal. I wanted to get rid of my social anxiety, which I have never talked about before actually, but just adding it in here cause it’s relevant. My goal was to get rid of it, and I did that with 3 brilliant books.

Hope this list helps, and if you have any specific topics you’d like, just ask me next time in the gym.