Friday 28th August, 12:15pm.

Attendance:  Shane, Darren, Frances, Ciarrai, Anto

1.  It was agreed that a regular team meeting be set on the last Friday of each month, at 12:15pm.  This meeting would be to discuss the month past and the months ahead.

2.  There was a discussion on the gym growth fund.  Trainers we asked to keep their Power Diary’s completely up to date, and to submit the PT Earnings Form at the end of each working week, with any payments made the following Monday.

It was agreed that Frances PT Growth payments was be paid each week by the gym, and deducted from her monthly class earnings.

Upon being made aware that no weekly submissions had been received from Ciarrai, she explained that she thought by saving the form, it submitted through.  Anto explained that only a confirmation email will be received by the trainer when a form is successfully submitted.  Ciarrai has since re-submitted all required forms to date.

It was discussed the importance from the data provided by the PT Earnings form, and in particular, the number of clients per week, and how this number changes from week to week, showing the trainers performance in real time.

It was suggested by Anto, and approved, that 30% of each trainers PT Fund contribution, be set aside, to be spent on that individual trainer, for items such as work wear, courses, training and self development etc.

A starting date was not discussed, however I would like to suggest that this change takes effect immediately, with the PT earnings submitted for week commencing 23rd August.

PT Memberships were discussed, and trainers were asked to remind any clients who had yet to pay their PT membership, that it had to be paid by the 31st August, otherwise the client could not train in the gym until paid.

Trainers were made aware that PT memberships would only start on the 1st of the following month for new clients, and that under 18’s did not require to pay it.

It was discussed about the new policies and procedures put into place due to covid.

Attention was brought about the gym members who remain in the gym after 6:30am, and at other PT times through-out the day.  Anto said that he has mass-informed all members of the rules, and will be contacting individual members about adhering to the policies.

Trainers were asked to try and adhere to the segregated times as best as possible, and it was discussed that enforcing rules isn’t a nice thing to have to do, but necessary by everyone.

It was said that new signs and posters will be put in place, to re-inforce the rules, and that a door control entry system was being installed soon.

Discussing the marquee, it was pointed out that it was vitally important that all trainers take the time to lock up the marquee correctly.  

Trainers were made aware of a grant application that had recently been submitted, for a £18,675 grant to build a wooden building to replace the marquee, with the decision coming before 9th Sept. 

Should it be granted and work commence, it was agreed that classes would have to return to the green area, and numbers lowered for the duration of the work.

A new class schedule was briefly discussed, and trainers were asked to let Anto know of any new classes they would potentially like to add.  It was said that Darren would be adding a new class on a Tuesday evening.

Anto expressed concerns about the time between classes at 6:30pm, and the issues from class groups over-lapping and car park over-flowing.  It was agreed that the new schedule for Sept would need to take this into consideration, and that 10 mins between some classes should be added.

Trainers were made aware that the car park should be getting resurfaced on Saturday.  It was expressed that it is absolutely essential that all trainers park in the back car park every evening, even if they have to leave early, due to the pressure on the car park.  It was mentioned that work on extending the car park would be happening soon.

The Ignite55 Challenge was discussed, with all trainers agreeing to keep the name. The Team fat Loss challenge was discussed, and it was agreed to drop it, and concentrate solely on the Transformation challenge.  To keep a team element to the challenge, it was suggested and agreed that a prize be added that would allow a group of friends to work together if they wanted, and if one of them won, the prize would allow all of them to go away to a AirBNB together.

There was a discussion of a prize for the winning trainer, and it was agreed that a night away in a hotel, up to the value of £180.  It wasn’t discussed where the money would come from, however the PT Growth Fund would be the most reasonable place.

It was expressed the necessity that the challenge does not become openly competitive between the trainers, nor should the focus ever be on the trainers.

It was also expressed that this challenge provides a real opportunity for all trainers to really show their skills, and provides a lot of potential for new client recruitment from the results at the end.

The challenge was described as a No-lose challenge, and that it is mostly up to the trainers to persuade their own clients to sign up and take part.  Trainers were also asked to find out any reservations that clients may have about taking part, and help them over-come those reservations.

Trainers were asked for a name for the new consultation shed, with Shane putting forward “The Chatter Box”.  The name was liked however their was no final confirmation.

Pricing of consultations was discussed, with Anto suggesting that a 15 min consultation should be charged at £20, with members getting it for half price.  Trainers expressed the will to provide consultations for free, which it was agreed that at their own discretion, for their more regular clients.

It was suggested that a first consultation could be priced higher, but trainers agreed that £10 for 15 mins for members was a fair price.  It was however expressed that if people do pay more for it, they will value the information more.

The meeting concluded with a very brief discussion on a team online training program.  It was suggested that the live workouts be run from the gym, and that all trainers involved share the profits.  It was suggested that profits could be shared, based on the number of live workouts each trainer conducted.  Nothing further was decided about the online training service.

The meeting ended at 1:05pm